Wide Range 

  • Capacity from 8 to 45 kW for Mini VRF and from 25 to 270 kW for VRF, in order to cover the maximum number of applications.

High Seasonal Efficiencies

  • Maximum efficiencies at most frequent load conditions.

Wide Operating Range 

  • With special attention to cooling and heating guaranteed at low temperatures, thanks to the full DC inverter range.

Intelligent Defrosting

  • Saves energy by adjusting duration and frequency.

Night silent mode

  • Several silent modes increase quietness and internal comfort.

Rotation and Backup Function 

  • In systems with several external modules, the different units are used in such a way as to balance the operating hours, extending the useful life of the entire system. Similarly, in the event of a failure of one of the modules, the system compensates for the malfunction by automatically activating the others, allowing continuity of service.

Auto Addressing

  • The outdoor unit is designed to assign addresses to system units automatically, simplifying installation.