For more than 30 years, Clivet has been offering heat pumps

For over thirty years Clivet offers one of the most efficient systems, which achieve high energy savings while also being kind to the environment.

We are the pioneers in the heat pump technology, which today is an advanced and specialised solution to address the energy emergency!

Built with sustainability cost efficiency in mind!

Heat pumps require energy to operate, but the energy they transfer into the environment in the form of heat is greater than the amount they consume, thus providing considerable savings.

In fact, the heat pump takes advantage of the free and unlimited heat stored in the air, surface water, underground aquifers and the ground.

Heat pump technology allows you to:

  • increase energy efficiency;
  • use renewable energy sources;
  • reduce pollutant emissions;
  • increase the energy class of your home.

Save energy and enjoy year-round comfort!

Heat pump system is an air conditioning system which raises the energy class of your home! It also contributes to year-round comfort in any season! You can use the heat pump not only for heating but also for summer air conditioning.

  • Installation: heat pumps can be installed outside, or in any room, they do not need dedicated rooms.
  • Integration: they can be integrated with other renewable energy sources, such as solar thermal for domestic hot water production and photovoltaic panels. Ideal for underfloor heating.
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Split or monobloc heat pumps?

Full Electric heat pumps can be either split or monobloc. 

Split heat pumps integrate all functions within them, allowing the choice of numerous options and a wide range of power capacities. Indoor and outdoor units are separated allowing space optimisation, indoor units can be cased or uncased.

Packaged heat pumps are installed outdoors, they do not require a F-gas licence for installation. They achieve excellent levels of comfort with a focus on savings from the start.

air to water split heat pumps:

Packaged monobloc heat pumps:

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