Single-unit heat pump with R-290 refrigerant for residential applications
Edge F

The Edge F heat pump with propane refrigerant is designed for the future. Propane is a natural gas, and already compliant with the current strict European regulations. Propane for a sustainable future!

Edge F is the perfect solution for renovated properties, and indeed for all forms of heating, cooling and domestic hot water systems.

  • Wide operating range: The system is available in 7 sizes from 4 to 15 kW. Edge F can achieve a supply temperature of 75 °C when the ambient temperature is even as low as -10 °C, making it a superb alternative to a traditional boiler;
  • New way of use: new control system with coloured graphic interface, designed for maximum ease of use with the special Clivet design;
  • Adaptable: with many optional accessories, including an integrated pump and expansion tank, the various elements can be readily combined to suit any layout;
  • Very quiet: minimum noise levels, with 2 operating modes specially designed to ensure acoustic comfort;
  • Top performance: improved levels of performance, with class A++ at Medium Temperature (55 °C water supply), and class A+++ in Low Temperature heating (35 °C water supply). Edge F is also very efficient at cooling with SEER values of up to 5.86.
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technical specifications WiSAN-PME 1 S

A house qualifies as a "smart home" when it ensures high levels of comfort while reducing energy use to a minimum. A home can achieve energy independence by integrating the Edge F heat pump, the Clivet Sinergy electric storage system and the smart Control4 NRG assistant.

Edge F smart features:

  • Connectivity via an App: the system links to a special App via Wi-Fi, allowing you to manage all the main functions of the heat pump;
  • Control4 NRG: Edge F is an integral part of the Clivet Smart Living concept, and so fully compatible with Control4 NRG, the control device that manages the operation of the entire system, ensuring ease of use, high performance and superb comfort in all environmental conditions;
  • The smart grid and photovoltaic systems: the smart grid function allows the heat pump to be used in an advanced electricity network and/or in combination with a photovoltaic system, demonstrating the versatility and sustainability of the application