Water terminal unit DC fan indoor installation, wall-mounted MOOD

  • Improved comfort thanks to the Follow Me function;
  • Maximum silence;
  • Management via ELFOControl3 EVO for a super-efficient system;

Technical features

Mood can be connected to ELFOControl3 EVO, the touch-screen centraliser that coordinates the entire system intelligently and efficiently to always ensure the utmost comfort at the lowest possible cost. By connecting the fan coils to this central “brain”, the heat diffusion system can be managed with “room by room” temperature control by turning the individual thermostats with temperature and humidity control (where available) or directly on the terminal units, changing their speed and reducing consumption. The temperature in the house will certainly be more consistent and controlled, for maximum comfort.

It is also possible to create and manage dual emitter systems: fan coils for cooling and radiant panels for heating.