4-way cassette fan coil with DC motor for heating and cooling ELFOSpace BOX3

  • Suitable for standard modules of typical office ceilings;
  • compatible with single or dual heat/cool generator systems
  • 360° homogeneous air diffusion thanks to adjustable diffuser fins
  • 3-way valves available for 2- and 4-pipe systems
  • Standard supply of drain pan and pump required to evacuate condensation inside the unit.

Technical features

ELFOSpace BOX3 is standard supplied with a brushless DC motor fan, featuring advanced high efficiency technology that ensures low noise levels and consistent and precise control of the room temperature. Thanks to this, they are suitable for many applications in commercial and industrial sectors but also for particular situations such as hospitals or airports. The power consumption of fan coils with brushless DC ventilation motor is reduced by up to 60% compared to corresponding models with asynchronous motor, while the noise level is 2÷5 dB(A) lower, making the environment more comfortable with lower costs.