Your energy assistant for the smart management of comfort at home

The entire system at your fingertips: 

  • touchscreen control to manage any Clivet solution components in TOP version solution
  • possibility of management through APP
  • ideal comfort throughout the house
  • it allows even higher energy efficiencies to be achieved.
The ultimate in comfort
The ultimate in comfort at home for health and well-being
integration with photovoltaics
Conscious use of renewable energy sources
An energy assistant always at hand to keep consumption under control.
Smart management
At home or wherever you may be, to control your comfort in a safe and easy way
Control your home environment
Comfort, health, convenience!

A comfortable living environment is important to ensure your health and wellbeing.

Control4 NRG coordinates all the components of your system, optimising the performance and operation of the units and generating the right amount of energy in each room only as necessary... to ensure that everyone is happy.

You decide when to activate the comfort zones to create the perfect environment for your needs!

In complete harmony with renewable energy sources

Control4 NRG is designed to integrate with the most advanced renewable energy technologies for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

It captures the energy produced by your photovoltaic system as well as that of your air conditioning system, and displays the energy profiles in a simple and intuitive way.

Top performance with Class A

Ensure your system is as efficient as possible with a Class A energy rating according to the strictest requirements for the energy classification of buildings.

Check self-consumption levels, and decide when to turn on or off the air conditioning system according to the availability of energy from the photovoltaic system.

As and when you want

Control your comfort according to your schedule, plan your wellbeing, and monitor the consumption of your system!

The Clivet Eye interface allows you to access your system remotely. It combines the immediacy and ease of use of an app with advanced "data analytics" functions that can be used with a PC and are typical of a control environment designed for professional use.