Clivet Eye

Clivet Eye is the monitoring system via cloud for remote control of the units and Clivet air conditioning, heating, air renovation and residential and domestic hot water production systems through smartphone, table and PC.

For: final users, Clivet Local partners and installation administrators


Final user:

  • Easy control of the system via app
  • Quick reporting of any malfunctions to the local partner Clivet
  • Planning the operating conditions through the calendar


  • Customer service improving
  • Depth remote analysis and reset of small alarms limiting the need to interventions on site
  • Faster and more effective intervention thanks to early notification of abnormal operation
  • Analysis of historical operating conditions
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A digital platform that permits interconnection between HVAC systems and the Clivet cloud for remote control and optimal use of "Clivet Care" services.
And with the IoT platform, end users and HVAC professionals can connect with Clivet products and solutions in a secure and reliable way. Clivet Eye transforms physical products and applications into digital models, allowing users to take advantage of all services related to remote access, maintenance and optimisation of connected HVAC systems.

Remote control

Access the system remotely via an APP or PC platform to control it from anywhere


Check the operating status of the system and receive alerts of operating faults and alarms

Residential Applications

Plan the comfort of your home environment while saving energy, wherever you are with a simple touch from your phone.

A powerful control system available to condominium administrators in the management of medium and large centralised systems


Plant & Facility Managers

Service Manager


Check energy consumption of the system and view reports on a weekly basis

Professional Applications

Control the system remotely to ensure continuity of operation and the perfect level of comfort in the rooms, and schedule events and manage maintenance activities

Plant & Facility Managers

Service Manager